We believe adult literacy is built on more than reading and writing. We believe that math creates thought and dialogue as well as useful real life applciations. More thinking. More context. More confidence.

Adult Literacy

Grade Level Equivalents GLE of 0 to 4

Adult Basic Education

ABE-GLE of 4 to 6

Pre-Diploma and Career/Life Skills Program

GLE of 7 to 9

Career Resource Training

Resume writing, basic computer tutoring, job search assistance

Adult Diploma Program in affiliation with Cathedral High School

GLE of 9 to 12

ESOL/ABE transition program

For former ESOL learners in need of high school credentials

College Connection Program

Hone the skills and study habits that will lead to success in college.

Career Resource Training

Resume writing, basic computer tutoring, job search assistance



News For You Easy-to-read weekly news stories weekly with audio support, exercises, vocabulary a crossword puzzle and a poll.

Breakthroughs with Math Four-level program designed to help students overcome learning obstacles and develop math confidence.

EMPower Program and materials designed to extend mathematical power

Mortensen Math Internationally-acclaimed materials that focus on a conceptual knowledge of math.


Fine Arts Curriculum Incorporates art with life skills, critical thinking, math, language arts and computer technology.

Health Program Includes nutrition, health, CPR, physical education.

Financial Literacy An understanding of how money works in the world and how to manage it.

Computer Literacy Designed to give people of all ages an edge in both their careers, their ongoing education and in life in this technological time.



A-AMEN Project Develops educational and employment opportunities for low-income African American men

Career Center

Career Awareness

Student Advisory Council

Student Internship Program

W.O.W. – Women of WAITT Develops resources for adult learners and promotes women’s initiatives

Affiliations We are always exploring meaningful affiliations, some of our longest include the Dudley Literacy Center at the BPL Dudley Branch, LIFT at the Vine Street Community Center and Roxbury Adult Literacy Coalition: Focus Group Facilitation Training.