WAITT House has a singular mission. But many ways to achieve it.


We are here to empower adult learners with the English and analytical fluency that will help them realize their potential and improve their lives. We help them develop critical thinking skills in math, reading and writing, so that they can participate more fully and confidently in their communities and churches, help their children with schoolwork, start their own businesses and go to college.


We meet in our space on Mt. Pleasant Avenue, but ours is a neighborhood campus. Roxbury Community College is just down the street, we hold classes at Dudley Library on Warren Street, and the Vine Street Community Center on Dudley are both a couple of blocks away. These vibrant neighbors give us access to college life and auditoriums, to computer labs and a gym. Our adult high school diplomas come from the respected Cathedral High School, a renowned independent, college preparatory school in Boston’s South End.


Learning at WAITT House is a dynamic experience. Half of our teachers are graduates of WAITT House. They remember what it feels like to slide into a seat on day one. They understand what it takes to succeed. Our learners can be as young as 21 or as old as they want. Native-born or English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Looking for a high school diploma, a college degree or a better job. Our wide range of programs, our small classes, innovative techniques, our comprehensive scope beyond the basics and our opportunities for moving forward are all dedicated to one purpose. We are committed to the success of our learners.


Our peers agree. WAITT House has been one of the few ABE and ESOL programs in to be chosen to help Federal DOE monitors capture how ABE programs respond to student needs and goals.   And our hours make us the only adult literacy program to be approved by the Massachusetts Unemployment Office.


Sisters of Charity/Board

WAITT House began simply. Nearly 100 years after the Sisters of Charity first came to Boston in 1887, called to teach as they do today, Sister Mary Kay Brady founded WAITT House to provide early childhood services. Early on it was clear that the parents needed basic educational assistance. We began our Adult Literacy programs in 1983, inspired by the leadership of First Lady Barbara Bush at this time. Today, our programs are alive with the energy of learning. Our students are long-time residents and newly arrived immigrants from places like Africa, Brazil, Cape Verde and Haiti. All are welcome.



Living, as we do, in the middle of the dynamic community of Roxbury, we are proud to collaborate and coordinate with the inspired agencies and institutions around us for additional resources, alternative educational programs and economic opportunities for our adult learners.


At WAITT House we truly believe in the promise that became our name: we’re all in this together.